Radical social studies for young people

ReHistory is a free online source for social studies lessons designed to promote critical thinking         and dynamic collaboration.



Lesson activities are easy to prepare and facilitate, but be sure to preview the lessons thoughtfully beforehand, as these are sensitive topics.

Fake News?!

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Black History 2020

Coming Winter 2020

Freedom & Oppression

Coming Winter 2020

What is Turtle Island?

Coming Spring 2020

How it Works

45-60 minute
introductory lessons

Lessons focus on a question for the week. Students and teachers analyze and discuss primary and secondary source materials to begin investigating social moments and patterns.


Students work in pairs or small groups

The classroom will hum with activity as students complete tasks that help them visualize facts and explore a range of perspectives.



Whole-class discussion

Each lesson culminates with a whole-class discussion for students to share new understandings and new questions about the topic of the week.

Extend Learning

Teachers can choose to extend learning throughout the week with Extras designed to reinforce the concepts and skills introduced in the weekly lesson.


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