Summer Sessions


July 6 – August 28, 2020
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Join us for live 90-minute virtual workshops hosted each Monday and Friday! These workshops are designed to empower children ages 8 to 12 to ask and answer questions about the social world through a radical Black feminist lens.

We will discuss themes and topics including media propaganda, freedom and oppression, impoverishment, gender inequality, racism, and more!

We aim to have a classroom that is at least 75% children of color. In this way, the students most affected by false historical narratives can build the skills needed to rewrite those narratives and transform history.



What’s the workshop size?

Up to 15 children with one teacher.

Do you support children with learning or physical disabilities?

Most of my classroom teaching experience (10 years) has been leading Integrated Co-Teaching classrooms, supporting a range of learners. As a result, the workshops were planned with learning disabilities in mind.

Although I do not have as much experience supporting physical disabilities, I am committed to accommodating those needs as well. Please be specific about your student’s needs as well as strategies you and other teachers have used to support their learning.

How much caregiver support is required?

Children are working independently for the virtual workshops on Monday and Friday. After initial setup, parent support is expected to be minimal during the workshop. During the week, children will have assignments to work on independently and some will require parent support, like a survey.

Are there assignments between workshops?

Yes, there will be 2-3 assignments for students to complete during the week. They are designed to take about 3 hours altogether. Some assignments will be completed independently, and others will require parent support (e.g. interviewing a family member).



WEEK 1: Where does fake news come from?
WEEK 2: Why do people spread false narratives?
WEEK 3: Are there any bad opinions?
WEEK 4: What can we do to stay woke?




WEEK 1: What is freedom?
WEEK 2: Why are some people “poor”?
WEEK 3: Why haven’t any women been elected president?
WEEK 4: Why is there racism?


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